Five Criteria for ALL Healthy Relationships

This coming Friday will be two years since I married the man who is perfect for me. So, quite predictably, I have been taking several trips down memory lane to see where I used to be, and where I am today, relative to my increased understanding of healthy relationships. Recently, I came across an old diary entry that I wrote about the kind of guy I want to marry. I won’t go into the details of the FOUR page long list! Suffice to say, I would still be unhappily unmarried, frustrated and depressed that I am not in a happy, healthy relationship with the man of my dreams!

I wrote that list in 2004. Through education, graduate life, research and experience, I thankfully learned about real healthy relationships. Life in a way helped me shed a rather naive, certainly ignorant view of life. I only wish I had learned the truths about healthy relationships long before 2004! Continue reading


Comparison Standards: Arch-Nemesis of Gratitude

Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. Salvation Army bell-ringers are starting their rounds, and the commercialization of Christmas through sales seems to have started even earlier, compared to 2013. So obviously, media outlets, the blogosphere and social media have all been inundated with content on gratitude. I almost jumped on this bandwagon myself, to write the usual post on things I am grateful for (not to worry! That’s in development)! But then, I decided to write this post for one simple reason.

Not many people talk about the elements of our life that make it difficult for us to be grateful. Maybe its because we don’t want to acknowledge the baser side of our attitudes, or maybe its because we don’t even realize that it is indeed difficult to feel real, honest gratitude. Whatever our reasons might be, there are several factors which have a negative impact on our ability to experience and express our thanks. The most pervasive and subtle of these factors are comparison standards. Continue reading

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FOUR Characteristics of Game Changers

There is already a plethora of literature describing what it takes to be a game changer out there. Some of the literature even guarantees that every single one of us can become a game changer. All we have to do is put our minds and our wallets to good use, and follow a special, secret formula!

Is it really a secret?

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Silence can be a  very effective and positive tool in communication between individuals

Silence: 5 Ways to Improve Relationships

Hello, again! Today, I would like to talk about how adding mindful, contemplative silence into our relationships can help us make our relationships and social interactions with our loved ones and even strangers much more fulfilling, genuine, and,  ultimately beneficial.

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Silence In Relationships

Hope you have enjoyed reading this multi-part blog post so far! If you are here for the first time, in The Power of Silence – An Introduction, I described what I meant by silence, and I introduced some benefits that practicing silence can add to our lives. In SilencING the Self: Religion and Spirituality, I talked about religious and spiritual evidence, which suggests that increasing silence in ourselves and in our lives will make us better people. Then, in my most recent post on the topic, Silence in the Self – Science and Health, I discussed the physical and mental health benefits of silence that could help us live more meaningful, healthy, fulfilling and satisfying lives. Today, we focus on Relationships.

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My dad and me at my engagement ceremony. Photo courtesy of engagement photographer.

My Dad: Inspiring, hilarious and selfless!

Today, I want to introduce you to a very important person in my life. I would like to introduce him to you, so you can learn a bit about the amazing, hilarious (I get my awesome sense of humor from him!) yet extremely disciplined man who taught me, and continues to teach me, some of the most important and most memorable lessons of my life. I would like you to meet my dad, Mr. Ratnam. V. Jeedigunta.

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Silence in the Self – Science and Health

Hello again! In my earlier post, SilencING the Self: Religion and Spirituality, I talked about the idea of contemplative or meditative silence as a powerful tool that adds insight and wisdom. It allows us to feel a connection with the Present/Universe/Divine and it protects our Self.  In this post I will give you evidence from science, which shows that adding silence to our lives is beneficial to our physical and mental health. Continue reading

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SilencING the Self: Religion and Spirituality

Hello! In this post, I would like to talk about Silence in the self. In my earlier post, The Power of Silence – An Introduction, I introduced the idea of silence and its power to you. In this post I will talk about the spiritual advantages that silencing our self adds to our lives. This post will be a little longer than normal, because there is so much that religion and spirituality can teach us about the power of silence. So, please be patient with me on this journey. Continue reading

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The Power of Silence – An Introduction

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More than a week ago, I was thinking about the very famous phrase “Silence is Golden” I don’t know why this thought stayed in the forefront of my mind since then, but it did.Who said it? Where did it come from? When was its first occurrence in human history?

Did it originate in a single culture and then spread across the human population? Or is it one of those human universals that the great philosophers and thinkers from across the globe serendipitously came upon the same realization around the same time in history? It got me thinking about the undeniable power of silence in almost every aspect of our lives. Continue reading

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Four Wonders our Inner Child Does for us:

Hello again! Today, I wanted to talk to you about what our inner child does for us, and why it is so important for us to keep nurturing our inner child despite all the problems and obstacles that we may face in our daily lives.  Continue reading