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Comparison Standards: Arch-Nemesis of Gratitude

Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. Salvation Army bell-ringers are starting their rounds, and the commercialization of Christmas through sales seems to have started even earlier, compared to 2013. So obviously, media outlets, the blogosphere and social media have all been inundated with content on gratitude. I almost jumped on this bandwagon myself, to write the usual post on things I am grateful for (not to worry! That’s in development)! But then, I decided to write this post for one simple reason.

Not many people talk about the elements of our life that make it difficult for us to be grateful. Maybe its because we don’t want to acknowledge the baser side of our attitudes, or maybe its because we don’t even realize that it is indeed difficult to feel real, honest gratitude. Whatever our reasons might be, there are several factors which have a negative impact on our ability to experience and express our thanks. The most pervasive and subtle of these factors are comparison standards. Continue reading Comparison Standards: Arch-Nemesis of Gratitude