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SilencING the Self: Religion and Spirituality

Hello! In this post, I would like to talk about Silence in the self. In my earlier post, The Power of Silence – An Introduction, I introduced the idea of silence and its power to you. In this post I will talk about the spiritual advantages that silencing our self adds to our lives. This post will be a little longer than normal, because there is so much that religion and spirituality can teach us about the power of silence. So, please be patient with me on this journey. Continue reading SilencING the Self: Religion and Spirituality

The Power of Silence – An Introduction

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More than a week ago, I was thinking about the very famous phrase “Silence is Golden” I don’t know why this thought stayed in the forefront of my mind since then, but it did.Who said it? Where did it come from? When was its first occurrence in human history?

Did it originate in a single culture and then spread across the human population? Or is it one of those human universals that the great philosophers and thinkers from across the globe serendipitously came upon the same realization around the same time in history? It got me thinking about the undeniable power of silence in almost every aspect of our lives. Continue reading The Power of Silence – An Introduction